our goals

The CoWAY project strives to harness the power of sports to foster gender collaboration and diversity within local communities, fostering an inclusive environment for individuals interested in joining coastal rowing as athletes or coaches. By equipping rowing coaches with the necessary tools, the project aims to promote:

Inclusion & Diversity

In all fields of education, training, youth, and sport.

Critical Thinking

It is essential to revise scientific assumptions in sports to encourage critical thinking among scientists, coaches, and practitioners, thereby enhancing their methodological decision-making.

Coastal Rowing

Coastal rowing, a relatively young sport, offers an ideal outlet for newcomers seeking leisure and wellness through a connection with nature.


Coastal rowing serves as our pathway to support these objectives by fostering unity among individuals and facilitating the exchange of meaningful experiences. It is crucial to raise awareness among individuals and institutions in our immediate and broader community about coastal rowing, its inclusivity, diversity, and the multitude of possibilities and benefits it brings to our society.

Alongside our everyday engagement in the local community and social media content, we have exciting plans for the following special activities to further raise awareness:

Coastal Rowing Camp

Join our residential camp for an immersive coastal rowing experience, open to all, and uncover the awe-inspiring moments that have already captured the local community.

Sport events

Engage in local sporting events including an exhilarating indoor rowing relay race competition and a challenging endurance rowing marathon.


Gain insights from interviews with athletes and coaches who have already transcended gender boundaries in their sports experiences.

sports analysis

By leveraging sports data analysis, we will develop a tool that empowers coaches to construct training plans leading to measurable and sustainable competitive advantages.

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