What is coastal rowing?

Coastal rowing is similar to the traditional rowing on calm water, but more extreme and adrenaline fueled version.

Coastal rowing boat hulls are wider with a leveled off stern to allow water to flow out of the boat. It usually takes places on open water and due to the boat design it is suitable for waves and winds (unlike it’s calm water counterpart).

It is a perfect sport for adventure seekers who enjoy the thrill of the unknown rowing conditions and beautiful coastal scenery.

Rowing Coastal race

There are three formats of coastal rowing competition (by World Rowing Federation):

Endurance race

This format sees crews in 4-to-6 kilometer races around multiple turning points. It is a challenge for endurance, skill, navigation and adaptability to the changing conditions of a longer distance.

beach sprint

Is a head-to-head elimination style of racing, with a short sprint along the beach, 250m row and a 180-degree turn before rowing back to the beach and sprinting to the finish line.

Rowers need running and rowing speed, agility, turning power, directional awareness and wave handling skills.


Is a longer duration (can be multiple days and has stops along the route) and can be performed as a race or a challenge. Crews are often accompanied by support boats or land support.

Successful rowers have ultra endurance, good navigation and watership skills.

Boat Classes


CW1x – Single Woman

CM1x – Single Man


CW2x – Double Woman

CM2x – Dobule Man

CMix2x – Double Mix


CW4x – Qudruple Woman

CM4x – Quadruple Man

*quadruple is coxed

why coastal rowing?

Growing community

It is one of the fastest growing communities of rowers, and is particularly accessible to rowers based on location where flat water is not nearby.

fast learning

Coastal rowing is easier to learn than flat-water rowing, due partly to stability and robustness of the boats which differs from the Olympic-style boats.

Mixed-Gender SPORT

Coastal rowing is one of the few sports with mixed-gender discipline. Although only mixed double crews can be rowed on official races, mixed quadruple crews are a constant on all unofficial events and training sessions.

olympic sport

Coastal rowing is a strong candidate as a new Olympic sport for 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles. This will greatly contribute to the recognition of the sport, and increase the number of competitors and supporters.