In a historic announcement, the International Olympic Committee has declared Beach Sprint Rowing’s debut at the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics, marking a monumental moment for Coastal Rowing.

A decade of global effort, supported by 159 countries and rowing communities, has led to this milestone. Beach Sprint Rowing’s strategic growth journey, including its presence at the 2023 World Rowing Beach Sprint Finals, culminates at LA28.

This move promises worldwide exposure, accessibility, and the embrace of universal values such as gender equality and sustainability. World Rowing’s proposal introduces three medal events, including the first mixed rowing event in Olympic history.

The LA28 Olympics are scheduled for July 14 to July 30, 2028. Stay tuned for event specifics.

This inclusion perfectly aligns with the CoWAY project’s goals of promoting gender inclusivity, diversity, and collaboration in Coastal Rowing, extending its impact beyond the waters.

As project partners, we celebrate the historic inclusion of Beach Sprint Rowing in the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics alongside the Coastal Rowing community. This achievement underlines our shared commitment to inclusivity and gender equality, anticipating a bright future for our sport on the global stage.

Official announcement: