Mark your calendars for November 12th as the Nautical Club of Limnos (NOL) hosts a thrilling Relay Beach Sprint Race against Friends of the Sea Club (OFTH) in Myrina Limnos. As part of the local CoWAY project events, NOL is breaking norms with 2x mixed-gender crews, promising an unforgettable coastal rowing experience.

The beautiful shores of Myrina Limnos will witness this exciting race. Join us to soak in the excitement of mixed-gender teamwork and the spirit of coastal rowing.

Whether you’re a rowing enthusiast or just looking for a good time, this event is a must-attend. Stay tuned for captivating post-event content on our social media, showcasing the highlights and camaraderie on display. NOL isn’t just competing; they’re championing diversity and inclusion in coastal rowing.

See you at the beach on November 12th!