The consortium is formed by four different rowing and nautical clubs from Italy, Greece, Slovenia and Croatia.


Discover coastal rowing excellence at The Adriatic Rowing Club, your hub on the stunning Adriatic Coast. Our beachside club house is the starting point for enthusiasts and beginners alike.

As a newly established club, our staff has already made waves internationally in projects like “Wave on Wave,” “Aurora Adriatic,” and “SheRows.” We’re passionate about spreading coastal rowing’s significance globally.

Join us in elevating coastal rowing on the Adriatic Coast. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a curious beginner, find your place in our community.

Embark on an oar-inspiring journey with The Adriatic Rowing Club—where passion meets the coast!

Nautical Club of Limnos

Established in 1987 by engaged Limnians, the Nautical Club of Limnos (NOL) aims to uphold the island’s nautical tradition. Despite its remote North Aegean Sea location, NOL has thrived since 1990, making it the pride of Limnos. The Club’s purpose is to promote nautical sports, athletic spirit, and a love for the sea.

NOL boasts 200 athletes, with at least 50 permanent members yearly and an additional 150 during the summer (early June to early September). Athletes range from 4-year-olds in swimming classes to seniors in the underwater activity department. Rowing, including coastal rowing, is the prominent department of NOL.

Rowing club Argo Izola

Founded in 1976, our club boasts a rich history, with over 100 members and 50 active competitors. To address the challenge of retaining young athletes aged 15 to 17, we’ve embraced coastal rowing. This dynamic and adrenaline-fueled version of rowing not only offers variety and motivation but also encourages inter-generational cooperation.

With coastal rowing, our rowers experience new competing venues while fostering mixed teams of women and men, leveling the playing field. Beyond the thrill of the sport, we emphasize the ecological aspect, leveraging rowing in nature to promote environmental awareness—a core value for us and our city.

Join us in this exciting journey where tradition meets innovation, and where the love for rowing transcends generations. Discover the thrill of coastal rowing, where every stroke takes you closer to nature and a stronger, more connected community.

Zagreb Rowing Federation

Founded in 1952, the Zagreb Rowing Federation has a 110-year rowing legacy in the city. Comprising six clubs and 1200 rowers, we’ve been pivotal in making Zagreb Croatia’s rowing center. The Jarun Sport Center, established in 1987, has played a crucial role.

We organize national and international rowing regattas, collaborating with Zagreb University across 22 faculties, promoting sport among young students. Our impact extends beyond competition, fostering a vibrant community through social events and workshops.

Since the Jarun Sport Center, Zagreb rowers earned Olympic medals in Sydney 2000, marking a shift towards gender balance. Over 25 years, female membership grew by 40%. Introducing an Olympic-level training program for women yielded continuous medal victories at major championships.

As we champion women’s sports, we’re eager to introduce mixed team rowing competitions, complementing our fitness training and rowing in pools. Join us in celebrating Zagreb’s rich rowing history and shaping its dynamic future in this exhilarating sport!