The Coway Project, with its strong focus on inclusion, diversity, and mixed crews, achieved remarkable success at the recent coastal rowing beach sprint events. After an impressive performance at the Filippi Cup international regatta in Lignano, Italy, where nine mixed rowing teams made it to the podium, the project’s participants continued to shine.

During the Filippi Cup, rowers Mihael Girotto and Martina Kaić competed in the 1X category, while Paola Girotto and Mato Brant participated in the 2X category, showcasing the diversity and teamwork central to the Coway initiative. Nino Varat served as the coach, assisting the national team coach. Following this impressive performance, rowers from the Zagreb Rowing Federation met the qualifications for the 2024 European Rowing Coastal and Beach Sprint Championships. Additionally, the Slovenian mixed team of Marko Bolha and Pia Mušič confirmed their participation in the 2024 European Rowing Coastal and Beach Sprint Championships. Fabio Patrignani, from the project-leading club Rowing Club Adriatico Fano ASD, was appointed as the technical coordinator of the Italian National team.

All our rowers, adhering to the inclusive and technically sound program defined within the Coway project, achieved significant milestones at the European Championship. They secured three qualifications in the top 8 boats in the categories of CM1x, CF1x, and CMix2x, along with a bronze medal in CMix2x. One of the CMix2x teams narrowly missed qualifying in the top 8 by just 0.5 seconds.

This remarkable success is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the rowers, technical teams, support staff, and everyone involved in the Coway project. It highlights the project’s impact on promoting diversity, inclusion, and excellence in coastal rowing and the significant achievements of its participants.