In a significant stride towards promoting gender collaboration, our project presents a series of interviews with athletes.

These insightful interviews, a total of four per partner, delve into the experiences or non-experience of these remarkable individuals. Each conversation contributes to disseminating the results of our project and plays a pivotal role in promoting our upcoming dissemination events. 

Stay tuned to our project news website as we bring you new interviews, unveiling the heart of our project and celebrating the power of collaboration!

The first series was prepared by the project partner Nautical Club Limnos from Greece.

CoWay interview Antonia Kostula and Nikos Pyromaglou
CoWay interview with Katerina Bogiatzoglou and Anastasios Panos
CoWay interview with Konstantina Markaki and Anestis Balodimas
CoWay interview with Nikos Kleidaras and Leticia Metsai