In a spirited display of coastal rowing prowess, our esteemed project partner, the Nautical Club of Limnos, orchestrated a thrilling CoWay Relay Race Competition on the 12th of November. The idyllic setting of ‘Nea Madhitos’ beach in Myrina, Limnos, served as the backdrop for this exciting event.

The competition featured 2x mixed-gender groups of varying ages from both Nautical Club of Limnos and Friends of the Sea Club (OFTH). The program showcased two relay races, each organized between the two clubs. The relays, executed in the dynamic format of Beach Sprint coastal rowing, added an extra layer of excitement to the event.

This coastal rowing spectacle not only highlighted the skill and dedication of the participating athletes but also underscored the commitment of Nautical Club of Limnos to the CoWay project’s mission of promoting gender inclusivity and collaboration.

Congratulations to Nautical Club of Limnos for hosting a successful and engaging CoWay Relay Race Competition, bringing together rowing enthusiasts for a memorable day of camaraderie and sportsmanship.

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