We are pleased to announce that one of our project partners, Rowing Club Argo Izola in Slovenia, is organizing a Coastal Rowing – Beach Sprint event this Sunday, October 15th, starting at 9:00. While this event is not directly tied to our CoWAY project, it reflects the commitment to the project’s objectives and goals.

This event represents the 3rd National Championship and the 9th International regatta in Coastal Rowing – Beach Sprint, featuring various disciplines, including double mix and quadruple mix. These disciplines are in line with the gender collaboration and diversity promotion central to our CoWAY project.

Furthermore, some of our CoWAY rowers will be participating in the regatta, underscoring our shared commitment to fostering inclusivity within Coastal Rowing. We are proud to support gender inclusivity and diversity in the sport, not only through our project activities but also through external initiatives like this regatta.

As we continue to work towards our project’s vision, we also recognize the importance of promoting these values within the broader Coastal Rowing community. Stay tuned for updates from this event, which exemplifies our dedication to making Coastal Rowing more inclusive and diverse.