The Zagreb Rowing Federation, a partner of the CoWay project, recently organized a thrilling Rowing Mixed Relay Half Marathon. This […]
Our project partner, Rowing Club Argo Izola, recently organized an outdoor training event that reverberated with the spirit of coastal […]
Join us on March 17th at Rowing Club Argo Izola for an open training session starting at 12:00. This event […]
Last Friday, our project partner, the Nautical Club of Limnos, organized a thrilling indoor rowing relay marathon as part of […]
Nautical Club of Limnos, a dedicated partner of the European CoWay project, is proud to announce the organization of a […]
Embark on a journey into coastal rowing with engaging interviews by our partner, Rowing Club Argo Izola from Slovenia. As […]
Rowing enthusiasts recently gathered at the Rowing Club Argo Izola Gym for an exhilarating indoor mixed relay-marathon, organized as part […]
Join us on Saturday, February 3rd, at 10:00 for a thrilling rowing experience at Rowing Club Argo Izola’s Gym. This […]
Dive into the heart of our CoWay Project with a series of interviews by Rowing Club Adriatico, Italy. These engaging […]
In a resounding celebration of coastal rowing, Rowing Club Adriatico‘s Coway team showcased remarkable dedication at the Prince Albert II […]